PCB UWB antenna Antrad-3 0.9–4.4 GHz

Antrad-3 datasheet

UWB highly directional PCB antenna Antrad-3 (RVS-A1) can be used in radar, radio monitoring and radio communication systems operating in 0.9-4.4 GHz frequency bands. Can be used as the measuring antenna. Can be performed in a protective plastic housing.



Antrad-3 parameters

Antenna type Vivaldi PCB antenna
Frequency range 0.9 – 4.4 GHz
Gain up to 9.15 dBi (fr.= 3.4 GHz)
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR not more than 2.0:1
Antenna size 150 х 113 х 1.5 mm
Connector SMA (male/female)
Material FR4