Highly directional UWB antenna Antrad-14 6–9 GHz

Antrad-14 datasheet

The highly directional ultra-wideband antenna Antrad-14, shielded in one hemisphere, can be used for radar, radio communication and radio monitoring systems operating in different frequency bands from 6 to 9 GHz.
The antenna was specially designed for use in devices in conjunction with Novelda Xethru X4 – a complete CMOS system integrated on a single chip.



Antrad-14 parameters

Antenna Type antenna array
Frequency Range 6 – 9 GHz
Gain 13.8 dB (at 6.5 GHz), 13.4 dB (at 7.3 GHz), 14.1 dB (at 8 GHz), 16.5 dB (at 8.5 GHz)
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR not more than 2:1
Size 105 х 85 х 10 mm
Connector SMA female
PCB material Arlon