Inspection of the roadway

We offer our customers a solution to the problems of roadway inspection, namely:
1. Study of the structural structure of the roadway (what layers of road clothing there are).
2. Determination of the thickness of individual layers of pavement.
3. Determination of the type of underlying soils.
4. Search for voids, irregularities and violations in road clothing.
5. Allocation of local humidification zones.

With the help of georadolocation shooting with the Picor-Avtodor georadar (or georadars from other manufacturers), we can determine the following parameters of the road surface:
1) The thickness of the asphalt concrete coating.
2) The qualitative condition of the coating (the level of vertical stratification and the frequency of horizontal type changes).
3) Type of foundation (concrete – crushed stone – reinforced concrete).
4) The thickness of the base.
5) Areas of inconsistency of the road surface (the sharpness of transitions when changing the thicknesses of the same type of road structures or the presence of different types of road structures in the same class, for example, changing the type of foundation).