Financial-industrial company ESTRA (FPC ESTRA LLC) is a manufacturer of the ice and snow thickness measurement device (radio ice meter) PicoR-Ice and the road pavement (layers of asphalt, crushed stone) thickness measurement device (GPR) PicoR. These devices are currently successfully operated in many regions of Central Russia, the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East at temperatures up to -50 degrees. In total, more than 200 devices were delivered to customers (including for export). This website provides extensive information about the purpose of the device, its technical parameters, reviews and reports on its use, photos and videos of the device, as well as news about its development.

PicoR GPR is delivered for export. We have distributors that promote the product in their respective regions:

  • exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan – the company Canatec-Eurasia LLP

We are ready to provide all necessary information about the device, about the conditions of purchase and further operation. We will help to pick up the necessary device options for each task.

To order the product or get advice please e-mail or call (write to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) +7 (903) 735-97-20.

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