Ice thickness measurement

Control and indicative device PicoR Ice is intended for contactless operative determination of ice thickness and structure in the point u during the movement in real time as well as for recording and subsequent viewing ice profile (with reference to the coordinate using the GPS/GLONASS receiver) on winter roads and ice crossings.

The benefits of PicoR Ice device compared to the traditional method of ice thickness measurement using ice screws and measuring ruler:

  • significantly less labor intensity and time consuming. The measurements can be made much easier. No more need to drill holes, it’s enough to hold the antenna module a few seconds above the ice surface at a height of 0.5 m and you can see the ice thickness on the screen of the tablet
  • measurements are performed on the entire ice surface, not on just a few points. Between these points polynya (ice-hole) can be which is PicoR Ice can “see” and ice screws – can not
  • possibility of measurement with the vehicle. You can fasten off the device to the car (all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile, a hovercraft) and simply drive through the surface of the ice. Measurements are made automatically at speeds up to 40 km/h
  • possibility of recording the measurement results for later study in comfort office, not in the cold outdoors. If you are using GPS/GLONASS receiver track are recording simultaneously with the signal of the ice thickness, and in the program you can see at every point of the track on maps downloaded from the Internet the thickness of the ice at this point
  • opportunity to “see” the entire thickness of the ice and determine crack inside it which cannot be achieved by drilling.

Areas of use:
– control of safety during movement of vehicles on the ice crossing for Ministry of Emergency Situations officials and organizations operating ice crossings
– continuous monitoring of the ice thickness on frozen rivers and reservoirs for Ministry of Emergency Situations officials, fishermen, etc.
– safe transportation of heavy machinery on winter roads and ice crossings for oil and gas, transport companies operating in the Arctic regions
– meteo monitoring: getting data for prevention the seasonal floods.

Snow thickness measurementснег1

PicoR GPR allows to make the real-time measurement of the snow level in all weather conditions. It can be used in laying the ski trails and the ski slopes, for prevention the seasonal floods. It is possible to install device on snowcat, snowmobiles and other winter equipment. It can be installed on drones (quadrocopters) for measurements over large areas. The tests on Austrian ski slopes demonstrated and confirmed the possibilities of the device.

Road surface survey

PicoR GPR allows to survey asphalt concrete pavement conditions, namely:
– determine the thickness of asphalt covering in real time in the automatic mode (for road segments the structure of which satisfies the model described in the software) and in the manual post-processing mode (for other areas);
– survey condition of the pavement (the amount and homogeneity of asphalt layers, shift of structures horizontally);
– determine the base type of the roadway (concrete – gravel – reinforced concrete);
– find areas of pavement which structure is different from the project (an abrupt change in the thickness of the same type of road construction or the presence of different types of road construction at one site, the change of base type).

PicoR GPR can be used both as a part of the road laboratory with other examination means (e.g. GPR with lower center frequency, lower resolution and greater depth), or separately. The device can be fixed to a vehicle (car) and allows you to perform a survey when driving in traffic at speeds up to 40-60 km/h. You can use several antenna modules simultaneously to survey the entire lane and obtain 3D-images of the roadway.

The device allows to perform a survey of road surface in automatic mode (for the road segments which structure satisfies the model described in the software) giving the thickness of asphalt and other parameters and does not require geophysicist for interpretation of geophysical data. On difficult sections of the road surface the device is recording data for further post-processing by specialists and the issuance a report.

Пикор-АвтоThus PicoR GPR allows to make assessment of the roadway of long distance in real time in order to control the structure of the pavement and significantly reduce labor intensity of works compared to other existing methods.

The main consumers of the device:
– road services performing works on the construction and repair of the roadway
– organizations involved in the exploitation of roads
– organizations supervising the repair of roads
– survey and design organizations conducting work under design and construction.

These organizations need the device for quick and non-destructive method of inspection of the pavement. Existing methods of examination at the moment are mainly represented by drilling. This method does not provide information about changes on the entire length in the structure of the pavement, are labor intensive and requires paperwork for work on the carriageway.
The high cost of similar GPR devices does not allow the responsible organizations to buy them in large quantities. At the same time the cost of PicoR GPR is several times lower than those of competitors. This will allow to purchase it for those organizations that previously had no opportunity to buy GPR.

Search for hidden objects in the ground

PicoR GPR enables quick search for buried objects, inhomogeneities, communications (including non-metallic) in the soil (sand, loam, frozen ground) at a depth of 1 m.