PicoR-2k evaluation kit

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PicoR-2k evaluation kit allows to develop portable UWB short-range GPR (ground penetrating radar) systems for solve such tasks as:

  • demonstration and testing as laboratory equipment for educational institutions
  • road surface survey
  • inspection of building structures (search for reinforcement, irregularities inside walls)
  • searching for hidden objects in the ground
  • ice and snow thickness measurement
  • through wall imaging (detection of human movement and breathing )


PicoR-2k kit allows to reveal the possibilities of technologies of generation, emission, reception and processing of impulse UWB signals. PicoR-2k depending on the composition of its components allows the customer to explore the possibilities of this technology and to test products under different conditions in order to understand the technology and the prospects for the formation of the requirements for the implementation of the transceiver module (interface, meals, etc.) for the finished product to the customer.

PicoR-2k kit includes everything to create a ready-made device: transceiver, antennas, software. You can use your own antennas to increase the gain and the directional properties. UWB impulse based signals are generated in single-chip transceiver of RVS-M1 module and  radiated by transmitting Antrad UWB antenna. Reflected signals are receiving by another Antrad UWB antenna and converted from analog to digital form in internal high-speed sampler. Signal transmission and power supply are provided via USB cable connected to PC.

PicoR-2k kit technical parameters

№ п/п Наименование показателя Значение
1 Pulse duration 600 ps
2 Pulse amplitude voltage 6 V
3 Pulse repetition frequency 50 MHz
4   Central frequency 1200 MHz / 1600 MHz
5 Detection range / depth
6     -  thickness of road pavement up to 70 cm
7     -  thickness of ice and snow up to 2-3 m
8       -  detection of objects in the ground up to 100 cm
9 Range measurement accuracy 1-2 cm
10 Power consumption 1,35 W
11 USB power supply +5 V
12 Connectors for transmitting and receiving antennas  SMA male
13 Connector for power and data transmission mini-USB
14 Protection class of the case IP67
15 PC operating system Windows 7, 8, 10
16 Case size and weight 39 х 30 х 13 cm, 2 kg
17 Pulse duration 600 ps