In the autumn of 2018, the PicoR-Ice device had the following updates:

  • PicoR-3 low-frequency antenna module, which has an increased depth of 25-50% compared to the standard PicoR-2 antenna module. It has more narrowly focused and low-frequency antennas and is made in a housing based on an impact-resistant protective case. The main areas of application are where the PicoR-2 module depth may not be enough. These are ice and snow of great thickness up to 3 m, sea ice, permafrost, pavement, soil.

PicoR-2 and 3PicoR-3 2

    • it has become possible to remotely control the device software that will work on a tablet or laptop under Windows OS from a smartphone screen under Android OS. This function makes it more convenient to work with the device in manual mode, so that there is no need to use a tablet or laptop in standard (not protected) version in the cold. In this case, a tablet with a connected antenna module and a running program can be put into a bag (backpack), where it will be protected from the cold. Only a USB cable connected to the device will come out of the bag. The program is controlled via the remote desktop from the screen of the smartphone that connects to the tablet via Wi-Fi. The smartphone can be removed at any time in your pocket to warm, while the program continues to run
  • for better work and to reduce the errors of automatic algorithms for determining the thickness of ice, the function of fixing the upper first boundary of the signal reflection is implemented. This is especially relevant when working on smooth, snow-free ice roads and crossings. We manually measure the height of placing of the antenna module above the ice surface and enter this value into the program. When moving a vehicle this value almost does not change. The algorithm determines the ice-water boundary which is more contrasting for the device. At the same time, the presence of errors, “jumps” of boundary lines is reduced to a minimum. Thus, it will be even easier to deal with the readings of the device, even for an unprepared user.