Novelda X4M03 Development kit

Our company is a partner in Russia of the Norwegian company Novelda AS and offers its product – a development kit for the UWB radar sensor Novelda X4M03 Development kit. This kit is based on the XeThru X4 radar transceiver chip with a frequency range of 6.5-8 GHz.



This chip is a short-range ultra-wide-band (UWB) pulsed radar transceiver system on a chip (SoC), combining
a transmitter with a frequency of 7.29/8.748 GHz for unlicensed operation in world markets, a receiver with direct RF sampling, a fully programmable system controller and advanced power management functions in one chip.

The main purposes of this system are: presence detection for home and industrial automation applications, various distance measurement sensors when working in an opaque environment, through walls, etc., level gauges, altimeters.

We have developed a narrow-directional Antrad-14 antenna specifically for this technology. There is also some technical groundwork for the development of a sensor based on the X4 chip, including the use of amplifiers, matching circuits.